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Concrete Assessment Scanner

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Hammond GPR concrete scanners for hire.
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Hammond Concrete are pleased to offer Proceq GPR Live for hire!

GPR Live is the latest innovation from Proceq, manufactured in Switzerland for concrete assessment including: Rebar mapping (avoidance), Slab thickness determination, void detection

Utilising the all new and patented Ultra Wideband technology GPR live allows you to scan to a depth of up to 700 mm in dry concrete! Unlike the conventional GPR devices on the market the Ultra Wideband technology emits a stepped frequency between 0.2 – 4.0 Ghz to deliver unrivalled detail of the scanned area!

GPR Live will operate in:

Line Scan mode (Single Line)
Area Scan mode (Utilising a Grid)

The following view modes are available at an unrivalled level of detail:

Non-Migrated Scan
Migrated “Heat map”
Time slice/Depth slice
On-site 3D View

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